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DONIC Delhi 25


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The top-of-the-range-model of the DONIC SC-Technology  ITTF approved competition... more
Product information "DONIC Delhi 25"

The top-of-the-range-model of the DONIC SC-Technology 

  • ITTF approved competition table with 25mm top and perfect bounce of the ball
  • Super-Compact (SC) construction with synchronised folding mechanism and comfortable handling
  • Space saving construction for low storage dimensions 
  • High-quality steel tubing – designed for decades of use
  • Delivery completely assembled
  • Suitable for wheelchair table tennis
  • Made in Germany

The table classic of the SC-Technology:

The DONIC DELHI 25 table has been the benchmark for class and reliability. It has been further improved and modernised. Stronger folding legs and redesigned wheel fittings create a stable base and undercarriage, which also looks good. The silver metallic carriage and frame, with high stability and long-lasting qualities create a contemporary image. 

The sophisticated locking mechanism ensures safety and stability when playing. To ensure perfect playing characteristics a 25 mm strong top surface has been fitted to the DONIC DELHI 25 table. 

The table is delivered completely assembled in a special box and is ready for immediate use.


table category: Super Compact
Norm/approval: Complies with German industrial regulations DIN EN 14468-1 Class A for high... mehr

Complies with German industrial regulations DIN EN 14468-1
Class A for high performance sport. ITTF approved. 
SC-technology = super compact. Automatic table in one-piece construction with synchronised folding mechanism.
25 mm green or blue for indoor use, scratch resistant, excellent even ball bounce
50 x 20 mm, galvanised steel tubing
Foldable legs:
The weight bearing legs are constructed of galvanised steels.
Tubing welded to 50 x 50 silver galvanised crossbars.
The weight bearing leg is of galvanised steel tubing 50 x 50 mm, welded to a 50 x 50 crossbar. Extremely stable wheel fittings also in a silver colour.
The unique design includes a device to set up the legs. This is made of flat silver galvanised steel 50 x 3 mm. All parts of the mechanism are galvanised.
4 steering wheels 125 mm with rubber tyres, 2 of which have brakes. 
Storage dimensions:
1525 x 1600 x 470 mm (width, height, depth)
approx. 120 kg
Wheelchair suitable:
Yes, the table is suitable for wheelchair players.
completely assembled in special carton

DONIC Delhi 25 - the table of the: European Championships 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2017... mehr

DONIC Delhi 25 - the table of the:
European Championships 2009, 2012, 2013 and 2017

German Open 2001 – 2004, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2017, 2018

Austria Open 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 - 2019

DONIC SC-TECHNOLOGY (SC = SUPER COMPACT) What are the main features oft he DONIC... mehr


What are the main features oft he DONIC SC-technology?

In the early eighties the DONIC development engineers started to design a revolutionary tt-table and the technology was ready for production by the mid of the eighties. The international presentation of this new generation of tables was celebrated during the World Championships 1987 in New Delhi. The so-called DONIC Delhi table equipped with this SC-technology (SC = Super Compact) was the first automatic table ever used in a World Championships tournament – and it excited all experts that were present. This technology has constantly been brought to perfection and modified to include the latest safety standards.

Delivered completely assembled
Completely assembled delivery, (transport secured), simply pull the table out of the special carton – unfold – play. No laborious assembly anymore!


Easy handling
Due to the synchronised folding mechanism, the weight of the tops is well balanced and the table is easy and safe to fold and unfold.

Security construction for space saving
The low centre of gravity gives many advantages with regard to handling, moving, saving storage space and security.

Long-life construction
All parts that are exposed to wear and tear are highly strengthened and designed for decades of use.

Optimised playing surface
The playing surface is of the highest quality and evenness, and is also durable and scratch resistant

Top quality “Made in Germany
All metal parts are epoxy lacquered and thus permanently protected against corrosion. The SC tables are „made in Germany“ and of the highest manufacturing quality.

Robust steel tubing construction
High-quality steel tubing is used exclusively. Every table can be adjusted to any unevenness of to the floor using the special height adapting feet.

Highest safety standards
The additional security devices of the SC technology (e.g. synchronised folding mechanism, low centre of gravity) – as well as the synchronised fold-unfold device of the DELHI 25 and DELHI SLC – minimise the risk of accident. Without doubt the SC tables meet the European standard DIN EN 14468 with ease.


Wheelchair adapted
DONIC Delhi 25, DONIC Delhi SLC, Waldner SC and Waldner Highshool are suitable for wheelchair table tennis.

DONIC-tables in Super Compact construction:
• DELHI 25